Career Opportunities in Post Office Recruitment 2023: Job Profiles and Salary Insights

India post has release Post Office recruitment 2023 for GDS, BPM and ABPM/Dak Sevak (Special Cycle). In this article we explain India post GDS salary ,in-hand salary and job profile.

India Post GDS Salary :

As you step into the world of India Post Office, you’ll find that the starting pay for GDS/ABPM roles is Rs. 10,000/-. However, for those entering as BPM, a higher beginning salary of Rs. 12,000/- awaits. The rewards don’t end there; they come in the form of Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA), in addition to an extra amount known as Dearness Allowance. This financial recognition is specifically intended for the hardworking individuals who take on pivotal roles such as Gramin Dak Sevak, Branch Postmaster, and Assistant Branch Postmaster.

CategoryTRCA Slab
ABMP/GDSRs-10,000/- to 24470/-
BPMRS-12000/-to 29380/-

India Post GDS Salary Structure

Below, you’ll find a clear table that explains the salary structure for the GDS position of Branch Post Master (BPM) at India Post.

Working HoursBasic SalaryDA (119%)Gross SalaryIncrementPTAXEDGIS
Hours upto 3hrsRs 2,045Rs 3,261Rs 6,012Rs 50Rs 110Rs 50
Hours upto 3hrs 30minRs 3,200Rs 3,808Rs 7,088Rs 60Rs 110Rs 50
Hours upto 4hrsRs 3,660Rs 4,355Rs 8,015Rs 70Rs 110Rs 50
Hours upto 5hrsRs 4,575Rs 5,444Rs 10,019Rs 80Rs 110Rs 50

Post Office Recruitment 2023 Notification Out for 30041 GDS Post Check Detail

India Post Office Recruitment Job Profile:

The Job Profile for the Branch Post Master includes all these works:

  • Operational Synchronization: Branch Post Offices and India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) manage daily postal tasks and promote departmental services.
  • Service Diversification: Customer Service Centres (CSCs) oversee various services and interactions.
  • Postal Performance Guardians: Branch Post Offices ensure smooth mail conveyance and delivery operations.
  • Dynamic Role Integration: BPMs seamlessly switch between ABPM and additional assigned duties.
  • Supervisory Collaboration: Superiors like IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs can allocate other tasks.
  • Infrastructure Commitment: Selected applicants must provide accommodation for the Branch Post Office before engagement.

The Job Profile for Assistant Branch Post Master include all these work .:

  • Engaging in Retail Functions: Active Involvement in Selling Stamps, Stationery, and Doorstep Mail Delivery.
  • IPPB Transactions: Facilitating deposits, payments, and diverse transactions form an integral part of the responsibilities.
  • Guided Support: Assisting BPMs in accordance with Department guidelines, encompassing postal operations.
  • Promotion and Service: Driving the marketing of departmental products, operating services at Customer Service Centres (CSCs), and ensuring comprehensive promotion.
  • Versatile Role Play: ABPMs may assume the Combined Duty of BPMs as directed, complementing their regular tasks.
  • Varied Assignments: Additional responsibilities, as designated by superiors like IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs, contribute to the dynamic role.
  • Residency Mandate: ABPMs are required to reside within the delivery jurisdictions of the relevant Post Office (HO/SO/BO).

The Job Profile of Dak Sevak include:

Dak Sevaks will be employed in official places such as Sub Post offices and Head Post offices within the Department.

  • Diverse Responsibilities: You will actively engage in selling stamps and stationery. Moreover, you’ll take charge of doorstep mail conveyance and delivery. You will handle deposits, payments, and transactions for IPPB. Furthermore, you’ll be expected to carry out any additional tasks directed by the Postmaster or Sub Postmaster.
  • Railway Mail Involvement: In some cases, Dak Sevaks might have responsibilities in sorting centers linked to the Railway Mail Service (RMS).
  • Mail Office Management: Dak Sevaks in Mail offices actively engage in overseeing the handling of mail bags. They take on the responsibility for tasks such as receiving, dispatching, and transshipping mail bags..
  • Supporting Smooth Functioning: Dak Sevaks actively assist Post Masters/Sub Postmasters in ensuring the effective operation of Departmental Post Offices. They contribute by performing various tasks, such as handling customer inquiries, processing mail, and maintaining records. Additionally, they play a vital role in organizing and optimizing daily operations to enhance overall efficiency.
  • Varied Responsibilities: Dak Sevaks participate in tasks like marketing, acquiring business, and other duties assigned by the Post Master or designated officials such as IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs/SRM/SSRM.
  • Residency Mandate: Dak Sevaks are required to reside within the delivery jurisdictions of the relevant Post Office (HO/SO/BO).

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