UPSC Exam Calendar 2024

Introduction UPSC Exams

The Union Public Service Commission, often shortened to UPSC, stands as one of the most esteemed institutions in India. It’s the central agency responsible for selecting the country’s brightest minds for its premier civil services. Every year, countless aspirants from diverse backgrounds and regions come forward, fueled by dreams of serving the nation. Their journey starts with a detailed understanding of the UPSC exam calendar 2024, a roadmap that outlines all the crucial dates for the year’s tests.

2024 is no exception. This year, UPSC has laid out an extensive lineup of examinations, ensuring that opportunities to serve are aplenty. Whether you’re an engineer, a geoscientist, or simply someone with a passion for the administrative services, the 2024 calendar holds a date for you.

But why is this calendar so essential? For starters, it’s not just a list of dates. It’s a guide, a timetable, and most importantly, a beacon for all UPSC aspirants. Staying updated with the UPSC calendar is the first step in a year-long journey of preparation, discipline, and perseverance.

In this article, we will delve deep into the UPSC’s 2024 examination calendar, shedding light on each test, its significance, and all the crucial dates you need to mark on your planner. So, whether you’re a first-time aspirant or someone giving it another shot, this guide is here to help you navigate the year ahead.

List of UPSC Examinations for 2024

Reserved UPSC RT/Examinations

The Union Public Service Commission often reserves specific dates for recruitment tests or special examinations. These reserved dates are placeholders for potential tests that the UPSC might conduct. The exact nature and specifics of these exams are usually announced closer to the date, providing aspirants with adequate time to prepare.

For 2024, the first reserved slot is on 13th January, and the examination will span 2 days. Candidates are advised to keep an eye on official announcements related to these dates.

Being prepared for such examinations requires candidates to be versatile and adaptive, given the uncertainty around the nature of these tests. It’s a testament to the flexibility and readiness that the civil services demand from their candidates.

UPSC RT/ Examination Date 2024
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Engineering Services Examination (ESE), 2024

Engineering graduates eyeing national service have a golden opportunity with the Engineering Services Examination (ESE). The ESE hires engineers for government departments, driving India’s infrastructure and tech projects.

The 2024 Preliminary Examination is on 18th February. The notification comes out on 6th September 2023, with the application deadline on 26th September 2023. This timeline offers a five-month intensive prep window.

The exam is technical. It requires deep engineering knowledge and current affairs awareness. Success means applying this knowledge practically for India’s benefit.

Combined Geo-Scientist Examination, 2024

The Combined Geo-Scientist Examination attracts those keen to work in geology, geophysics, chemistry, and hydrogeology for the government. These roles are crucial for managing and exploring India’s natural resources.

The Preliminary Examination is on 18th February 2024, the same as ESE Prelims. Notifications start on 20th September 2023, and applications close on 10th October 2023.

Candidates need a mix of technical know-how and understanding of India’s geological needs. The exam tests both technical skill and its practical application.


The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) protects India’s industrial assets. The CISF AC(EXE) LDCE exam lets CISF members advance their careers.

The exam date is 10th March 2024. The notification releases on 29th November 2023, and applications close on 19th December 2023.

The test focuses on industrial security and leadership in high-pressure situations. It’s a chance for CISF members to deepen their impact on national security.

N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (I), 2024

The NDA and NA exams captivate young Indians aiming for a military career. These lead to roles in the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force, shaping the armed forces’ future leaders.

The first 2024 exam is on 21st April. Notifications start on 20th December 2023, with the application deadline on 9th January 2024.

NDA & NA prep requires fitness, academics, and nationalistic fervor. It’s more than an exam; it’s a journey of discipline and bravery.

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C.D.S. Examination (I), 2024

The Combined Defence Services (CDS) Examination is a beacon for graduates desiring to serve in the prestigious Indian Armed Forces. Unlike the NDA & NA, which targets younger aspirants, CDS offers graduates an avenue into the Army, Navy, and Air Force, emphasizing leadership, strategy, and matured thinking.

The CDS (I) Examination for 2024 is scheduled on 26th May. Notifications regarding this examination will be released on 14th February 2024. This exam is not just a test of one’s academic prowess but also evaluates physical fitness, mental resilience, and leadership qualities.

Aspirants should approach this examination with a holistic preparation strategy, encompassing current affairs, foundational knowledge, and physical training. The CDS molds individuals into leaders, individuals who’ll lead troops and make critical decisions in the line of duty.

Civil Services Examination (CSE), 2024

Arguably the most coveted examination in the country, the Civil Services Examination (CSE) is the doorway to India’s premier administrative posts. From Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers to Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers, the CSE is the starting point for many who wish to shape India’s administrative and policy landscape.

The Preliminary Examination for the CSE in 2024 is marked for 26th May. Official notifications will be released on 5th March 2024, setting the stage for one of the most competitive examinations in the country.

Success in the CSE requires a blend of consistent preparation, keen awareness of current affairs, and a deep understanding of diverse subjects. Aspirants often dedicate years to thorough preparation, underlining the exam’s significance and its role in shaping the nation’s administrative backbone.

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I.E.S./I.S.S. Examination, 2024

The Indian Economic Service (IES) and Indian Statistical Service (ISS) Examinations target individuals with a strong academic background in economics and statistics. These services play a crucial role in formulating policies, analyzing data, and ensuring the nation’s economic and statistical foundations are robust and progressive.

For 2024, the examination commences on 21st June and spans 3 days. With the notification set to be out by 10th April 2024, candidates have until 30th April 2024 to submit their applications.

Preparation for the IES/ISS requires a deep dive into economic theories, statistical methodologies, and their practical applications. It’s about understanding numbers, trends, and the intricate web of factors influencing India’s economic and statistical landscape.

Combined Medical Services Examination, 2024

For those with a medical background, the Combined Medical Services (CMS) Examination offers a noble path to serve the nation. This examination recruits medical professionals for various governmental health services, ensuring that the health infrastructure of the country is managed by competent individuals.

The examination has been slated for 14th July 2024. Aspirants should be alert for the official notification that will be available from 10th April 2024, and they should ensure their applications are submitted by 30th April 2024.

Given the specialized nature of this exam, a deep understanding of medical sciences coupled with a general awareness of the country’s health landscape is crucial. It’s an opportunity to merge medical expertise with administrative responsibilities, ensuring the nation’s health framework is both efficient and effective.

Central Armed Police Forces (ACs) Examination, 2024

The Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) play a vital role in maintaining internal security, peace, and harmony in the country. The CAPF (ACs) Examination seeks individuals with leadership qualities, physical stamina, and a strong sense of duty to join the officer ranks of these forces.

The examination is scheduled for 4th August 2024. Candidates should note the release of the official notification on 24th April 2024 and ensure they complete their applications by 14th May 2024.

Preparation for this examination demands a balance of physical readiness, general studies, and mental sharpness. As officers in the CAPF, individuals will be tasked with critical responsibilities, from managing troops to making split-second decisions in challenging scenarios.

S.O./Steno (GD-B/GD-I) LDCE

For those aiming for specific administrative roles within the government, the Section Officers/Stenographers (Grade-B/Grade-I) Limited Departmental Competitive Examination is the right choice. This examination tests candidates on their administrative and stenographic skills, ensuring efficient functioning within various governmental departments.

The examination is scheduled to take place on 7th December 2024 and will run for 2 days. The notification for this examination will be out by 11th September 2024, with the application process concluding on 1st October 2024.

Aspirants should focus on honing their administrative and stenographic skills, ensuring accuracy and speed. The roles resulting from this examination are critical, often working behind the scenes to ensure smooth governmental operations.

N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (II), 2024

The National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (II) is the second iteration of this esteemed examination for the year 2024. It stands as a beacon of hope for young individuals fueled by the dream of serving in the Indian Armed Forces. A career initiated from the NDA or NA is not just a job; it’s a commitment to safeguarding the nation and its values.

The examination has been marked for the 1st September 2024. Official communications and notifications related to the examination will commence from 15th May 2024. Aspiring candidates must ensure their applications are in by 4th June 2024.

It’s imperative that aspirants maintain a blend of physical fitness, mental acuity, and academic rigor in their preparation. The NDA & NA examinations test both the mental and physical fortitude of candidates, ensuring the armed forces are graced with the best and the brightest.

Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2024

The Indian Forest Service (IFS) Examination is for those who resonate with nature, forests, and wildlife. IFS officers play a crucial role in managing the country’s forest reserves, ensuring biodiversity conservation, and maintaining ecological balance, all while optimizing forest resources for the nation’s development.

The Main Examination for the IFS in 2024 is set to commence on 24th November and will extend for 7 days. It’s an intensive examination, delving deep into forestry, environmental science, and associated subjects.

Aspirants are advised to be deeply entrenched in their subject matter, understanding not just the theoretical aspects but also the practical implications of policies, conservation efforts, and sustainable development. The IFS is more than a career; it’s a commitment to preserving India’s green heritage.

Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2024

The Civil Services (Main) Examination is the next phase after the preliminary round, diving deeper into the analytical, subjective, and comprehensive assessment of candidates. Those who clear this phase are a step closer to donning the roles of India’s top administrative officers, shaping the destiny of the nation with their decisions.

The Main Examination is scheduled to start on 20th September 2024 and will be spread over 5 days. It’s a rigorous examination that assesses candidates not just on their knowledge but their ability to apply it in administrative scenarios.

Preparation requires a broad understanding of India’s socio-economic-political landscape, coupled with in-depth knowledge of chosen optional subjects. The Mains are less about rote learning and more about analytical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Combined Geo-Scientist (Main) Examination, 2024

The Combined Geo-Scientist Examination is an avenue for specialists in geology, geophysics, chemistry, and hydrogeology to play pivotal roles in understanding and managing the Earth’s resources. The Main Examination delves deeper into the specialized subjects, assessing candidates’ proficiency and their ability to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The Main Examination is earmarked for 22nd June 2024 and will stretch over 2 days. This examination is an amalgamation of technical depth and its practical application, especially in the context of India’s diverse geological and hydrological challenges.

Aspiring candidates should integrate their theoretical knowledge with the latest advancements in their respective fields. Given the importance of natural resources in India’s development paradigm, Geo-Scientists are at the forefront of sustainable exploration and management.

Engineering Services (Main) Examination, 2024

After the preliminary round, the Engineering Services (Main) Examination further filters the best engineering minds, primed to serve the nation’s various technological and infrastructural projects. Engineers play a crucial role in nation-building, and this examination ensures that only the best join the governmental ranks.

The Main Examination is scheduled for 23rd June 2024. Candidates are assessed not just on their technical acumen but also on their ability to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of modern engineering.

Preparation demands a blend of solid foundational understanding, coupled with real-world problem-solving skills. The country’s infrastructural dreams rest on the shoulders of these engineers, and the examination ensures they’re ready for the task.

S.O./Steno (GD-B/GD-I) LDCE

The Section Officers/Stenographers (Grade-B/Grade-I) LDCE is a specialized examination that identifies individuals adept at administrative and stenographic roles. These roles, often underappreciated, are the backbone of the smooth functioning of many governmental departments.

The examination will be conducted on 7th December 2024, spanning 2 days. The notification for this test will be available from 11th September 2024, and candidates should finalize their applications by 1st October 2024.

Aspirants should focus on refining their stenographic skills, ensuring speed without compromising accuracy. Additionally, understanding the intricacies of governmental operations and administrative protocols can give candidates an edge in this examination.

Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination

Throughout the year, UPSC earmarks certain dates for recruitment tests or specialized examinations. These slots are typically reserved for unforeseen or specialized recruitment needs that might arise during the year. While the exact nature of these examinations isn’t specified upfront, they provide UPSC with the flexibility to address any immediate recruitment challenges.

The next reserved slot is on 19th October 2024, with the examination spanning 2 days. As with other reserved slots, the specifics will likely be announced closer to the date, ensuring candidates have adequate preparation time.

It’s essential for UPSC aspirants to stay updated with official notifications. Given the unpredictable nature of these reserved slots, being prepared and adaptable can offer an advantage, reflecting the dynamic nature of civil services itself.

Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2024

The Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination represents the advanced phase for those aiming to manage and conserve the nation’s vast forest resources. The examination assesses in-depth knowledge, practical insights, and the candidates’ vision for sustainable forest management and conservation.

Slated to begin on 24th November 2024, this examination will run for an extensive 7 days. It underscores the importance and depth of subjects covered, ensuring the nation’s forests are in the hands of competent and knowledgeable officers.

Candidates are advised to stay abreast with global and national developments in forestry, wildlife conservation, and sustainable resource management. The examination seeks not just knowledge but also a commitment to preserving the ecological balance and ensuring sustainable development.

C.D.S. Examination (II), 2024

The Combined Defence Services Examination (II) provides yet another opportunity for graduates to secure a position within the esteemed Indian Armed Forces. CDS serves as a foundation for many to embark on a journey filled with discipline, dedication, and national service.

While the exact date for the CDS (II) Examination for 2024 hasn’t been specified in the provided details, it’s crucial for aspirants to keep an eye out for official announcements. The examination not only evaluates academic prowess but also assesses the character, resilience, and leadership qualities of the candidates.

Those preparing for the CDS examination should focus on a combination of general knowledge, English, and elementary mathematics. Additionally, maintaining physical fitness is paramount, as the Armed Forces demand both mental and physical agility.

Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2024

The Civil Services (Main) Examination is a significant milestone in the journey of a civil services aspirant. It delves deeper into a candidate’s understanding, analytical skills, and ability to address complex societal issues through structured arguments and solutions.

The examination is scheduled to commence on 20th September 2024 and will span a rigorous 5 days. It’s an exhaustive assessment, ensuring only the most capable and committed candidates make the cut for the subsequent interview round.

Aspirants should be well-versed with their chosen optional subjects and be prepared to write descriptive answers. The Main examination evaluates the depth of knowledge, clarity of thought, and the ability to present arguments succinctly.

Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination

UPSC’s reserved slots throughout the year ensure the Commission has the flexibility to address any emerging recruitment needs. These slots are placeholders, and the specifics are usually announced as the date approaches.

The final reserved slot for 2024 is set for 21st December, with an examination duration of 2 days. As the nature of these examinations can vary, aspirants should stay updated with UPSC’s official communications to seize any opportunities these slots might offer.

Being proactive, adaptive, and prepared are the hallmarks of a successful civil services aspirant. These reserved slots serve as a reminder of the dynamic and evolving nature of civil services and the need for aspirants to be always ready.

Table : UPSC Exams Calendar 2024

Detailed Schedule for UPSC Examinations 2024

Sl. No.Name of ExaminationDate of NotificationLast Date for Receipt of ApplicationsDate of Commencement of ExamDuration of Exam
1Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination13.01.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
2Engineering Services (Preliminary) Examination, 202406.09.202326.09.202318.02.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
3Combined Geo-Scientist (Preliminary) Examination, 202420.09.202310.10.202318.02.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
4Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination24.02.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
5CISF AC(EXE) LDCE-202429.11.202319.12.202310.03.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
6Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination09.03.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
7N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (I), 202420.12.202309.01.202421.04.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
8C.D.S. Examination (I), 202426.05.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
9Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 202414.02.202405.03.202426.05.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
10Indian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination, 2024 through CS(P) Examination 202426.05.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
11I.E.S./I.S.S. Examination, 202410.04.202430.04.202421.06.2024 (FRIDAY)3 DAYS
12Combined Geo-Scientist (Main) Examination, 202422.06.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
13Engineering Services (Main) Examination, 202423.06.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
14Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination06.07.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
15Combined Medical Services Examination, 202410.04.202430.04.202414.07.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
16Central Armed Police Forces (ACs) Examination, 202424.04.202414.05.202404.08.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
17Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination10.08.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
18N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (II), 202415.05.202404.06.202401.09.2024 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
19C.D.S. Examination (II), 202420.09.2024 (Friday)5 DAYS
20Civil Services (Main) Examination, 202420.09.2024 (Friday)5 DAYS
21Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination19.10.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
22Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 202424.11.2024 (SUNDAY)7 DAYS
23S.O./Steno (GD-B/GD-I) LDCE11.09.202401.10.202407.12.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
24Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination21.12.2024 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
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