How to Vote in India

Make your voice count in the world's largest democracy. Voting is a step towards India's growth and development.

Register to Vote  in India

– Be 18 years or older. – Ensure you're an Indian citizen. – Reside in the area you want to register.

Step 1: 

Check Name in Voter List

– Check your name in the Voter List. – Visit or call the Voter Helpline at 1950. – Use the Voter Helpline App for easy access.

Step 2: 

Get your Voter ID

– Also known as Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC). – Apply online or offline. – Keep other identification and address proof handy.

Step 3: 

Know Your Candidates

– Understand their policies and vision. – Use Candidate Affidavit Portal or Voter Helpline App. – Make an informed decision.

Step 4:

Cast Your Vote

– Locate your polling booth. – Carry your Voter ID. – Press the button, make a choice for a better tomorrow.

Step 5:

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Your vote shapes the nation's future. Ensure to register, verify your name on the voter list, and participate in the upcoming elections. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility that empowers you to make a significant impact in India's democratic journey.